Adnovator understands exhibitors wear too many hats from booth designs to display details to promoting their brands. The burden they experienced can be exhausting. We therefore collected comments from the exhibitors and based on their needs " Show Easy Concept" was created. Not only were we able to drastically reduce the cost, we offer one-stop service so that exhibitors are able to concentrate on promoting their business at ease and leave out the tedious tasks to us.

Innovative low cost


  • Production cost as low as HKD3,800/sq m 

  • Cost reduction = Profit margin increase

Unique design


  • Guarantee ONE design will be used by one exhibitor only

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Comprehensive service


  • Professional one-stop service including design, move-in, installation, dismantle etc

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*Show Easy will donate HKD 1000 to Green Peace with each booth rent out to support and save the earth. 

Special Bonus for Overseas Exhibitors

Bonus 1: 

Exhibitors Travel Kits, includes: 

- Accommodation arrangement 

- Travel itinerary planning

- Transportation arrangement

- Onsite support on move-in date

- Secretarial support for dining, transportation arrangement

- Hotline support

Exhibitor doesn't have to worry about their visit to Hong Kong. 

Bonus 2: 

Complimentary Airport Transfer: to and from the hotel. 

Bonus 3: 

Virtual Assistant Service during the trip in Hong Kong 

(Maximum 7 days)

Total Value 

Over USD 500

Free Consultation for one-stop hassle-free solution

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